1960's Sterling Charm Bracelet


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Sterling Silver Bracelet with 30 Unique Charms

This 1960's sterling silver charm bracelet is, well, charming! The original owner collected 30 charms representing her interests and accomplishments. The vast majority of the charms are marked sterling as well, but there are a few that can't be verified. Charms include a vintage Kent State University charm, a trumpet, movable scissors, a gavel, a sewing machine, a church, a bell or snowdrop flower blossom, a painter's palette, a diploma, a majorette hat, a cash register, a vintage "Little America Wyoming" penguin charm, a typewriter with movable keys, a toaster with movable toast, a woman bowling, an enameled majorette, clasped hands, a vintage enameled Colorado charm, a horse, a racket or handmirror, a rocking chair, a flat leaf-shaped charm engraved with the number 21, a pan with a lid, a pail, a movable circle engraved with "1 0 E 0" on one side and "L V Y U" on the other, a grand piano with movable lid, a vintage Crater Lake National Park charm, a megaphone, a drama mask charm, and a vintage enameled Drake University charm.